Tobago Cays - A Dramatic Squall

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

14 January: My kayaking is a work in progress, and always seems to clash with the elements. In Bequia, I had been marooned on INDIAN SUMMER most of the morning, my return journey cut off by squalls. At one point the kayak had even slipped its tether and was half way out to sea when rescued by a passing dinghy. In Tobago Cays, I was kayaking back from a morning coffee with PELIZENO when, within minutes, a squall came up. I carried on paddling. A bit of rain. How bad could it get? Within moments I had my answer as I was swept away backwards, barely able to slow down, let alone stop and then move forward in the right direction. Xav had been on deck and observed my predicament, and within moments Romeo had jumped off his balcony and into the dinghy, to the rescue. Only in his haste, the leading line had got caught, wrapped round the propeller and the engine cut out. The oars still aboard LA CIGALE he too was now adrift, and moving fast. Luckily seven year old Zenon and his cousin Jono were with me in minutes to pick me up, and Dave from RAFTKIN towed Xav back. What a pair. From a comedy of errors, all’s well that ends well.


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