Day 1 - Pacific Crossing - 18 April

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Longtitude:         01° 55 S

Latitude:         91° 23 W

Course over ground:     230° 

Speed:         6 knots (under engine)

Time: 8.45 am (Local Galapagos)


Wednesday. The wind that was little yesterday has died away overnight to practically nothing. All the crew are feeling fine - I think that being at anchorage, most recently pretty rolly at that, has meant we never lost our sea legs from the sail over from Panama. Catherine however, normally the most resilient of the three children, promptly threw up all over the freshly laundered bed linen in our cabin and was wretchedly sick all morning, falling in and out of sleep between bouts.

By late afternoon she was well enough to entertain the idea of a movie night, especially as she was allowed to choose the first film: the Disney cartoon of Beauty and the Beast, celluloid chicken soup for the soul! Catherine was also, by then, able to tuck into some plain popcorn, into which Isabelle popped a tooth to boot!


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