Day 10 - Pacific Crossing - 27 April

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Longtitude:         7° 16 S

Latitude:         115° 24 W

Course over ground:     300° 

Speed over ground:     6 knots 

True wind speed:     14 - 16 knots

Time: 7.30am (San Francisco) 


1,395 nautical miles to go!


Friday: After the disappointments of yesterday evening, we have taken today gently with a healthy dose of TLC, beginning the day with an awesome watermelon and plantain smoothie courtesy of Xav, and sourdough loaves rising in the oven, just like our spirits. 

In the afternoon we had a great game of family scrabble, with Catherine and I narrowly defeating Xavier and Isabelle's team, while Francis did a terrific job of holding his own. In a novel twist, Catherine added an extra dimension by surreptitiously attaching clothes pegs to all the players, thanks Harley! Just after the game had ended, great excitement as our rod caught a fish, only once reeled in we found it was too small, and returned it to Neptune. Disappointed, we got out some beef in the freezer instead and decided to fry up the kids favourite plantain chips. 

However, we were running low on vegetable oil. A slight screw up on my part, sure we had a load in deep storage, and having overstocked on pretty much everything else! A hunt began. Eventually, as a last resort, we opened under Isabelle’s bed and found provisions that had lain forgotten since the Canaries. The flour, rice and pasta all had weevils, and so once again, which we had to toss immediately and then spend the rest of the evening cleaning, nuking and clearing. Luckily we hadn’t “lost” any food, as it hadn’t figured in my provisioning stock take for the crossing, and we did find six packets of Lavazza coffee, béarnaise sauce to go with the beef we were defrosting, and coconut oil that took the frying the plantain chips into a new league. Happy days! Job done by 10pm, Catherine having put herself to bed, we sat down to a very grown up and delicious supper fit for a king with Francis and Isabelle, and Xavier and I enjoying our first glass of red wine in goodness how long. They were all asleep in no time, but I was wide awake and read Moby Dick until the wee hours uninterrupted. Oh, the luxury! It really is a fantastic book. I had expected it to be a rather heavy, tragic epic, and of course it is laden with impending doom, but it is riveting, the word play is brilliant and it is surprisingly funny. I am hooked! 


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