Day 12 - Pacific Crossing - 29 April

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Longtitude:         7° 35 S

Latitude:         120° 08 W

Course over ground:     265° 

Speed over ground:     5 - 5.5 knots 

True wind speed:     12 - 15 knots

Time: 11.30am (San Francisco) 

1,115 nautical miles to go!


Sunday: I took the second half of the night watch, and at dawn was delighted to finally be able to see RAFTKIN as well on our AIS, as a triangle on the GPS system. They were overtaking us, having the huge A sail up that they raise during the day which gives a terrific speed. The only reason we had been ahead, was because we had had the gennie up 24/7, so a higher constant average. The girls are dearest friends,  so over breakfast all the kids had a good hour long conversation on the VHF, their last until land now, as they have since pulled away and are out of range again.

Sunday is normally a day of rest, but I clearly jinxed that. Having checked and cleared all cupboards and under all beds, we found yet another weevil infestation in the flour and pasta stored with all the provisions in Catherine's mini cabin (sealed tight from her cabin when at sea luckily). So we had another military operation on our hands again to scour and dispose as required. The good news though was that we unearthed three bottles of olive oil hidden in the very bottom of a box - I knew we had more somewhere! By the end, Xavier and I were punchdrunk exhausted, but the kids were a huge help and on great form. 

They even saw the funny side of lunch, which I found no yolk, after finding half the eggs, to make a quick, nutritious omelette or two, were rotten. I managed to find half a dozen good ones for lunch, but the smell of the others haunted me until I felt like Lady Macbeth, constantly scrubbing my hands. It was only hours later, leaning past Xavier to collect in some washing, that he registered the smell coming from me. Evidently some white must have invisibly spattered on my top. At least I wasn't imagining it! 

Xav made a delicious curry for supper with fried plantains on the side. The next chapter of Treasure Island was put on hold as the first instalment in a  story from Nina, the eldest, a teenager, on SHAWNIGAN, came through for the kids. Back in the Galapagos Nina was constantly making up stories for the girls to keep them going on long walks, and now she is making up a new one by instalments. A mystery with vampires in the fold, which drew Francis in as well. Afterwards we left the boys have some quality father-son time together looking out at the stars on night watch, and talking about the route ahead…


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