Day 7 - Pacific Crossing - 24 April

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Longtitude:         6° 17 S

Latitude:         105° 59 W

Course over ground:     255° 

Speed over ground:     8 knots 

True wind speed:     15 - 18 knots

Time: 7.50 am (San Francisco)

1,957 nautical miles to go!


Tuesday: We have just switched to San Francisco time so that it is still 6am as the sun rises, and we are yet another hour behind family back in Europe. I've just seen an email to our American friends SHAWNIGAN, who coordinate all our positions every night. They are sailing ad infinitum with three kids (aka, and have just spent two years sailing Mexico and know many family boats in the sailing community heading Pacific way. It turns out someone else they know is compiling daily reports of other boats currently crossing the Pacific, and intergrating us into the updates. That’s a further 10 boats, and great to have their virtual company. 

I saw a tanker this time as I came on night watch. It was due to come within half a mile of us, but then immediately changed its course so it was more like two miles, no action needed on my part. Still, I did like seeing its red portside lights in the distance as it crossed our path from far behind, simply because it's the first boat I've seen on this crossing!

The wind turned more easterly so we  were goose-winging it (rigging the sails so foresail hangs out to one side and main sail the other, as opposed to them leaning the same way), a term that always makes me think of Tom Cruise and Top Gun… I feel the need… the need, for speed! The Skipper now wants to upgrade to an Outremer or Gunboat the next time round! We were using that sail formation as it enables us to head back north a bit to be on beam reach later in the week when the wind is forecast to drop. The only issue is that we then need to be on windhold, and risk weaving all over the place like a drunken sailor again. In the event, we found it slowed us down to much we went back to the standard formation. 

Home ed sailed along thanks to Xavier promising the kids he would make home-made pizza if they finished in a set time. Unfortunately Xavier then found a single weevil when rolling out the dough for pizza, eugh!!! Now, I’m all for extra protein and all that - apparently weevils were much sought after in ship’s biscuits of old - but Xav picked it out and lunch went ahead as planned with the kids none the wiser! Still, I lost my appetite and ate if only to keep them company and a brave face...

While Catherine read a story from “My Naughty Little Sister” to me - a book she treasures as the protagonist is both younger and cheekier than her, and makes her feel very grown up! - Treasure Island continued apace with the older two. Skipper was out for the count and the kids were so wrapt up in the story I ended up reading to them until 10.45pm. Oops! The funny thing is they get so excited and plead for me to read on, but the following morning Francis, on the cusp of teenagerdom, shrugs his shoulders and tries to be cool about it "yeah, it was alright!" At least he has the grace to laugh and acknowledge  that fact when I pick him up on it! 


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