Departure Day - Pacific Crossing - 17 April 2018

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Waving to Raftkin


Longtitude:         00° 53 S

Latitude:         90° 24 W

Course over ground:     210° 

Speed:         6 knots (under engine)

Departure Day - 3000 miles to go!

Tuesday. The day we set sail across the Pacific Ocean was an altogether more relaxed and low key affair than starting the ARC Atlantic Rally. No brass band coming down the pontoon to wave us off - we were at anchor this time! No fanfare over the loud-speaker - which we missed in any event due to last minute problems with our engine (see post on Departure Day - ARC Atlantic Rally). And no melt-downs. Still, we were running late. Just as we got back from our trip to the canyon, we waved off Dol Selene, the first boat to leave, and then we carried on waving each of the other boats in turn, who had all left by mid-morning. Without the pressure of a fixed deadline and a number of last minute pieces of admin to finish off - downloading homework assignments, kindle books, sending WhatsApp messages farewell to Galapagos friends, writing up and publishing the most recent blog posts, winding up social media accounts for the time being - then realising we had forgotten the bins (trip in)… and then, oops, what about the eggs (and another)… Finally, at 3.30pm, we were good to go! 

My kindle was now armed with all sorts of thematically-appropriate literature. Somerset Maughan’s book on Tahiti (The Moon and a Sixpence), Herman Melville, both Moby Dick and Typee, Robert Louis Stevenson’s memoirs In the South Seas, Paul Theroux, and a box set of Scandi Noir fiction by Camilla Lackberg, recommended by INDIAN SUMMER for good measure. For the kids: Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, Nims Island, My Family and Other Animals, Swallows and Amazons series and The Swiss Family Robinson. If only Xav and I had remembered to check the Apple music on our phones - the blinking app keeps removing half of it and putting it onto iCloud, only accessible with wifi. I am left with half the theme track to The Martian (Don’t Rock the Boat, I Will Survive…someone up there on the cloud is having a right old laugh!) and half of Barnum (There is a Sucker born every minute… go figure!). And Apple, for the record, I never asked for a complimentary U2 album. It will never feature on my desert island discs. 

The sea was like a millpond, so we motored along, heading for the trade winds further south. I made a chorizo omelette for lunch with some guacamole infused with coriander (thank you Luis! See post on the Art of Kindness - click here), food for the soul to really set us up for the journey ahead. 

A little later, with barely a couple of bars of reception left, I received an email bringing the wonderful news that earlier that day, my nephew Philip’s wife Lizzie had just given birth to a baby boy, Max, in Geneva. I looked up at the night sky that night and reflected on the birth of a new star. 



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