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Happy Island Reunion

March 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

19 January: Revisiting Happy Island was a funny one. On a high from yoga (see previous post), we all raced back to our respective boats for a quick change and then travelled on again in the dinghies. But the La Cigale crew arrived to find we had missed the sunset. There was still enough daylight to observe the developments though. The island had been extended. It was snazzier. A proper bar now. There was even a disco of club lights that projected onto the deck area as light fell, which were cool. The changes, though, reminded me how many years had passed since Xavier and I had been there with Glenroy, from Grenadine Dive, who we would dearly like to have seen again, especially here, but who is very ill. 

Still, the rum punch with Xavier, looking out at the glowing embers of the dying sun rekindled the romantic haze of honeymoon nostalgia. Another rum with PELIZENO’s Lisa brought home what good company we were in among our sailing family, and the antics of Union Island’s only home-grown kitesurfer Terrence "Butter" Swift kept us entertained. He does all sorts of amazing tricks - sailing past and grabbing a beer from an outstretched hand, which PELIZENO caught on video (see below), and during the daytime, a few days before, had taken seven year old Zenon for a piggy back ride, zooming along.

A while later, when back on the boat and the kids tucked up in bed, the rum from the punch combusted with a spark of anger, when a silly squabble, arising from my definition of how long “yes, just a minute…” should be when Xavier wanted me to do something, led to my mutinous declaration that I’d had enough of being ordered around and was swimming back to England right now. I gave one hell of a Paddington Bear glare before leaping dramatically, and fully clothed, off one hull into the pitch black waters… and then legging it to the ladder on the other to pull myself out. It had the desired effect. It doused the fire, and had us laughing again, back on our happy island, reUnion.


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