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Sailing into Tobago Cays and Turtle Island

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

13 January, 2018: Sailing into Tobago Cays, is unlike any other experience in the Caribbean. The crystal clear turquoise sea sparkles, invites, delights. Even with a myriad of other boats anchored here, nothing can diminish the invitation to slip down the anchor and slip into the waters for a wander and a wonder. It is, quite simply, our picture postcard of paradise, the place that takes our breath away. On honeymoon we had been anchored in the bay of Petit Bateau, and I never wanted to leave. This time round we carried on until we were opposite Turtle Island, the sanctuary designated by a rope encircling and cordoning it off. The irony is that most turtles are to be found beyond its boundaries, and a turtle surfaced by the boat with in moments of arriving, as if to prove a point. We jumped straight in. When a turtle is on the move it is hard to keep up, even harder with a manta ray. Before we knew it we were half way to the island itself and kept going. 


It was midday. The sun was blazing. We decided to clamber up the scrubland and have a look out from the top of the island, notwithstanding the burning heat of the rock and sand underneath our bare feet. We were rewarded with the sight of giant iguanas basking in the sun around each corner. With the kids in tow, it was a moment of adventure where Darwin met Swallows and Amazons. For our companions RAFTKIN it was like something out of Nin’s Island. It was the stuff dreams are made of, and cherished family memories.


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