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The Tango of Sailing

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


“I want to dance. I want to dance. I want lust and love and a smattering of romance.

But I’m no use at dancing… and yet I have to do something…”

Frank Turner, Four Simple Words 



13 January: I hadn’t listened to much music on the Atlantic Crossing, more than happy to sit at the helm soaking up the rhythm of the waves and the creak of the boat cutting through them. But something got hold of me on our short passage to Tobago Cays from Mayreau. Maybe it was to cut out the sound of the engine - not much point in getting the sail up given the lack of wind - that I reached for my phone and scrolled through the music. Frank Turner is usually my go to, kicking off with the punch-the-air Peggy Sang the Blues - “no-one gets remembered for the things they didn’t do…” - which has been something of an anthem for this whole journey. But today, as we headed towards the most beautiful spot we had been on honeymoon, I was in the mood for some tango. After all, Xavier and I took tango lessons for six months in the run up to our wedding for our first dance. Six months was not long enough though, and yet we had to do something…. so we side-stepped to improvising, Fred and Ginger style, a çeroc sequence set to “Fly Me To The Moon”. But tango smoulders on and I put on some Gotan Project, vamped up tango music that my only true Argentine friend, Marcelo, considers a travesty. I noticed there was a music video of La Gloria, accompanying the album, that I had never seen before. It featured a pale, red-headed ethereal beauty on trapeze that was uncannily like my niece Francesca, intercut by a curly haired mestizo doing acrobatic capoeira movements in a ring of sand, and chulos, Sinatra-like gangsters with fedoras on and an air of boxing promoter or bordello pimp. I was mesmerised. And there, for a moment, I was held in the grip of all three passions: el mundo hispánico, circus, and the thrill of being all at sea with my loves.

For the full video of Gotan Project's La Gloria click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFzk_MX1DCo



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