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Au revoir, Martinique!

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22 February, 2018: Back in Le Marin, this time out on a mooring buoy, reunited with KAPALAI, INDIAN SUMMER and INFINITY. On the first afternoon they had come over for "fika", the Swedish tradition of coffee, with something sweet on the side. According to etiquette, seven is the magic number of cookies to serve on a plate - six might look stingy and eight would be an extravagance - but really it's as much about socialising as anything else. Somehow coffee merged into sundowners, Xav got some sausages on the grill for hot dogs while the kids all got stuck into Game of Thrones Monopoly, and before we knew it knew it, it was one in the morning! I mentioned this to Charlotte's Swedish friend Tomas, from SHIRAZ, who stopped by the next day. "Ah!" he nodded sagely, "That was a good fika, Lucy!" It felt like I was earning my wings, if only to fly away... We were leaving, you see. That was it. Goodbye Caribbean, hello Central America! Xavier and I were both nervous and excited at the prospect of our first long passage (8 nights) sailing double-handed to Panama's San Blas islands, ready to move onto the next chapter of our journey, but none of us on LA CIGALE were ready to say goodbye to these guys. We'd tried several times already!

The next day Tina from KAPALAI came round, and we made jelly(fish!) with the younger ones with little packets of orange and lemon cubes. We then had the bright idea to make a grown up version, adding pomegranate seeds and dark rum, and decanting it into wine glasses for a little fika chaser the following day, just before setting sail at sunset. Clowning around in this sing-song "Swedish circus" (a term coined by Danish INFINITY's Niels), I missed a trick by letting people know in advance it was jelly, still, we had a lot of laughs all the same. The kids loved the friendship bracelets INFINITY made them, fastened with D-locks (Sailing Friends Forever, whispered Isabelle, the SFF being the name of the boat they plan to sail in one day together), the Swedish candy from INDIAN SUMMER and Catherine treasures her Swedish counting bible from KAPALAI (it's how we know about the 7 cookies!). We expected to feel empty when we eventually left, but instead felt a reassuring warm glow. This wasn't goodbye, it was just au revoir...


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