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Le Marin and Sail of Silks, Martinique

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29 January, 2018: The harbour at Le Marin is functional. The chandleries are the real draw, but it is rather soulless otherwise. For my daughter Isabelle, the real advantage was that we would be in a sheltered enough space to finally get out my teal circus silks, which had been stowed away in her mini-cabin ever since La Rochelle. Isabelle used to go to aerial classes at Flying Fantastic in London ( see www.flyingfantastic.co.uk), and her favourite apparatus was the “cocoon”, made by hanging the silks in a U, as a hammock, often used in aerial yoga and pilates. Isabelle not only enjoyed the swing and movement, but also using it as a drama prop to make up endless stories. Her imagination flies fantastic as well. 

Xavier found an ingenious way to rig the silks, using the genniker hallyard, the genniker downhaul sheet and a third rope to haul it in place. The result? A new sail! Even in the marina, the wind was too strong, catching the fabric so it billowed out and threatening to sweep us overboard, but we still managed a few climbs and inversions. 

I bought the silks while on an aerial skills intensive course last June from my teacher Jair (see video below and click here for post: www.lucylovescircus.blogspot.co.uk ), who had just brought a selection back from Colombia. It was the day after Xavier had bit the bullet and left his job, as we had been talking about for the past couple of years, and it was time now to go for it and sail round the world. The children were the right age - old enough to swim, young enough to still want to hang out with their parents - but was I ready for it? Who ever is? All I knew was that if we didn’t go for it, Xavier would have given up the craziest dream of his life. So I bought the pair of sea-green silks as a talisman, binding my dream to his. If Xavier’s dream is to sail the world, mine is to circusnavigate life’s challenges, and, together, we will do it.



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