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Linton Bay, Panama

April 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

4 March, 2018: Our first stop in mainland Panama was anchoring for the night in Linton Bay, around 50 nautical miles from San Blas, simply to break up our journey and avoid having to negotiate the coastline and fishing nets by night. We arrived as the sun was setting, and all we could hear were the monkeys barking and chattering in the trees all around. It really was a jungle out there, extraordinary!

I learned later that further in is the marina, a useful stop for boats who are waiting to cross the Canal as the fees are less than half that of Shelter Bay Marina. In fact, we met one family from Réunion who had made the most of the long waiting time for the canal passage to leave their boat there and fly to Peru to visit Machu Pichu. Now there's a thought! 




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