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Now We Are Six - Happy Birthday Catherine! Panama

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"When I was five,
I was just alive.
But now I am six,
I'm as clever as clever.
So I think I'll be six now
for ever and ever."

from AA Milne's Now We Are Six

Happy Birthday Catherine! A ray of sunshine who throws herself into life as she throws herself into those great cuddles. Nothing phases Catherine and she has taken to this sailing trip like a duck to water, but she does miss friends and family back at home, and announced that what she'd really like for her birthday would be to visit her godmother in Beijing. Well, Panama wasn't too much of a disappointment. Catherine was beside herself with excitement. We had been counting down the days since the Canaries, pretty much, and Xavier had managed to track down a box of Playmobil (complete with dolphin!) in Martinique. 

In the days leading up to the birthday, the girls had made invitations with RAFTKIN's Hayley and Megan inviting all the children in the Marina. Most of the others were French, on our pontoon already, which was very straightforward, and there was an American family at the other end. Even so, I had no real idea how many kids would turn up, and prepared for every eventuality. God bless Betty Crocker, that's all I can say. I had stocked up on mixes from the local supermarket as baking in a boat oven is not the easiest, and I wanted the set the odds in my favour. Of course, the birthday girl helped out and got to lick the spoon in the process. Of the six cakes we made, four actually held together, and the last couple I carved into a 6. I was relieved to have an excuse to forget icing - it would only melt - and I was super grateful to RAFTKIN for enough sugar to give a decorative dusting. 

After tea, we got out the circus silks for the kids to let off some energy, and then the party clown turned up to give a quick demo. I didn't get very far! The kids had a ball, standing on the guard rail and swinging over the nets Tarzan style. I was slightly concerned that on the return one of them would miss the landing spot and carry on over the side, so stood at the ready to dive in should need be. I'm glad I didn't have to... just as we were taking the silks down there was a squeal and great excitement as everyone raced to the side to see the resident crocodile, which I had begun to think was an urban myth, watching from the river bank, and then slide into the water and head straight towards us. That night Catherine went to bed, her face beaming. That was the *best* party ever! 





When I was one I had just begun

When I was two I was nearly new



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