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Simple Pleasures on the beach, St Anne's, Martinique

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

4 February: One of the joys of this sailing journey is the opportunity to simply take time out and enjoy a few beers with friends, watching the kids play. This was one of those moments, an impromptu meet up with ARC boats NEREIDA (Irish for “mermaid”) and PELIZENO, watching the sun set as the children raced around. As the darkness fell, we were unable to see the clouds forming and had to quickly take shelter under a nearby shack when surprised by the heavens opening. As the pelleting rain eased off, we took that as a signal to jump in our dinghies back. A mistake. A second squall was right behind and in a matter of moments we were all drenched to the skin. All laughing as we clambered back onto our boats, falling into warm showers, it was one of those happy evenings when nothing could rain on our parade, somewhere over therainbow.



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