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Day 13 - Pacific Crossing - 30 April

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Time: 8.30am (San Francisco) 


Longtitude:         7° 58 S

Latitude:         122° 06 W

Course over ground:     255° 

Speed over ground:     5 - 5.5 knots 

True wind speed:     12 - 15 knots


995 nautical miles to go!


Monday: We've now hit another milestone - less than 1,000 miles to go, hurrah! After sticking to rhumb line for most of the journey so far, we have decided to take a NNW tack for a day or two. The combination of the lack of a downwind sail now our gennaker has died and the grib files saying there is little wind along the rhumb line is forcing our hand. 

The wind changed during the night, taking us a little further south than we planned, but we are still ok. I woke with a start around 2.30am. I had crashed earlier than usual around 10, but my body is clearly regulated to work on four hour shifts now and not a minute over. I was convinced I could hear a spectral whale song. It was so loud, so vivid, and I could hear it rising up from the depths, through the bed, with my ear to the mattress. It was how I've always imagined mermaids would charm errant sailors. When I sat up, the music wasn't there, but was I lay my head down again there it was, echoing out. The most spectral, ghostly song, quite magnificent and unnerving. Not unlike wind whistling through the hulls. In fact it turned out to be the wind whistling through the hulls, I had just never registered it before. Moby Dick is clearly getting under my skin... ;-)

Shortly after that there was excitement on watch as our speed picked up to 8 knots - a novelty on our jib. Of course, it was because we were beside a squall, and sadly the elevated speed was short-lived. We could do with a few more squalls, Xav muttered darkly... I hope to god Neptune wasn't listening ;-)

Now it is Monday, back to the Groundhog Day of home ed and boat chores. I think Francis doing the night watch was not a great idea in retrospect, as he still woke at the same time the following day, with a severe case of Mondayitis, as had his sister. Still, some home-grown chemistry experiments quickly sparked their interest and enthusiasm again. 

The work got done though, and the day was saved by a family "Game of Life", a board game similar in a way to Monopoly. Not as interesting, less strategy, more luck, but easier for Catherine to grasp. I don’t approve of the principle - money wins all - but the action cards were fun, and the end of the game was priceless… as we totted up our earnings - 50k for each child - Catherine wanted to know how much she could get for selling her husband!


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