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Day 15 - Pacific Crossing - 2 May

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Longtitude:         7° 49 S

Latitude:         126° 09 W

Course over ground:     260° 

Speed over ground:     5 knots 

True wind speed:     10 - 12 knots

Time: 6.30 am (Anchorage) 


760 miles to go!


Wednesday: The sea has since settled down overnight and I've been watching the sun rise since my shift started at 4am, lulled by the sound of gentle ripples edging us along. Even though the sun isn't up yet properly, the sky is awash with a watercolour of pale orange and yellow sliding into a pale duck egg blue at the top (like our old kitchen in Balham before the refit!). I can see notes of metallic red peeping out from behind a cloud on the horizon as a ball of energy is set to rise over a new day...

The sea has remained calm, so much so that yesterday we were contemplating dropping the mainsail and taking it in turns to go for a swim, but then the wind picked up again, and given our situation we are keen to press on and make the most of that!

After home ed cracked in the morning, the afternoon was a lesson in computer programming. Still no fresh fish, despite the rods out 24/7, lunch was a taste from home and a blast from the past - gnocchi, chicken and pesto. After the daily grace, which is part of our daily ritual ever since leaving the Galapagos - we are just so grateful, and it always feels like something of a miracle to see a lovely meal set out, my cooking aside! - Catherine proceeded to bless the food. “I thought only priests could do that?!” said Francis, earning him a Paddington Bear stare. It has also become tradition to have a tart citron vert pressé to drink with our meal - we really are Limeys now! 

The great excitement of the evening was watching our first James Bond movie together, The Living Daylights. Catherine kept her eyes shut for the tense action scenes, while eyes wide open for any signs of romance ("James Bond really likes girls, doesn't he Mummy?"), while her older siblings were vice versa! My favourite part is still the music - both the Aha title soundtrack and the escape down the mountainside in a cello case... 


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