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Day 17 - Pacific Crossing - 4 May

July 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Longtitude:         7° 21 S

Latitude:         130° 33 W

Course over ground:     270° 

Speed over ground:     5.5 - 6 knots 

True wind speed:     15 - 18  knots

Time: 8.30 am (Anchorage) 


530 nautical miles to go!


Friday. May the Fourth be with you! Thanks to a congratulatory email from Raftkin, Star Wars is now firmly on the agenda for movie night this evening, when we will have hit the 500 mile marker and have plenty to celebrate. We have moved onto a port tack, like them, which takes us a more direct route to the Marquesas. The wind direction and speed are perfect and this has been the most sailing fun since our gennaker ripped!  We are hoping the grib files predicting wind weakening later will prove to be wrong. They probably won’t though…

The first squall of the day hit at 5.30am on my watch, literally full in the face as we rapidly pulled the side flaps down in cockpit. The first boat in our convoy, PELIZENO, has arrived in Fatu Hiva, meanwhile same old here with home ed, and the kids learning the biggest lesson in remaining philosophical and focussing on all the positives on this trip. And we have sourdough baking in the oven for breakfast, always a winner…

The waves are different today. They seem more potent somehow. They are short, sharp and choppy which means we are pitching around a lot, which isn’t much fun. Still, Francis completed his English assignment, and Xavier and I spent the entire afternoon blitzing and scrubbing every singly surface inside an out in a thorough spring clean, so a productive day all round. We can now look forward to relaxing this weekend in a pristine boat, and make the most of drinking up each sunrise and sunset on this ocean crossing, which has been a very special journey and one we are thoroughly enjoying. 

By the evening the sea state had returned to the huge great Pacific rollers, so we were no longer being rocked side to side, and instead on more of a gentle up and down rollercoaster, with all the fun of the fair. A great accompaniment for watching the rebel starfighter sequences in Star Wars: A New Hope!  The kids were thrilled with the film - the first time Catherine had seen it - as it is a movie never dates, and it was the proper original, without any of those annoying digitally remastered add ons!

Meanwhile the wind was picking up again in the night. A new hope, indeed!


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