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Day 19 - Pacific Crossing - 6 May

July 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Longtitude:         8° 16 S

Latitude:         134° 31 W

Course over ground:     242° 

Speed over ground:     5 - 5.5 knots 

True wind speed:     10 - 15 knots

Time: 8.45 am (Anchorage) 

280 nautical miles to go…


Rang Mum this morning, and marvelled again at satellite technology that enables a phone-call to be made from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As Sunday is officially rest day from home ed, the only lesson for the day was the Skipper demonstrating to the children how to splice a rope needed for the stubbing line holding the anchor chain at the front. 

With our last jar of Sharwoods we had a feast of a curry, with sides of coconut rice and plantain chips fried in coconut oil. There was a celebratory feel to the day - if you’d told me a year ago we’d be sailing round the world, I wouldn’t have believed it. If you’d told me six months ago we’d be sailing the Pacific double-handed with three kids, I would have laughed… or cried! As it is, we have had a dream of a passage to which we’ve built up gradually since the Caribbean, and we are quietly chuffed with our progress. 

We are sailing straight down the rhumb line now and the squalls are getting more frequent - we had five showing up on the radar at one point last night, which has to be a record! The rain doesn’t breach the shelter of the external cockpit, and we don’t have a large gennaker to worry about taking down at the drop of a hat, nevertheless the squalls are, quite literally, a drag as our speed always slows down a couple of knots in their wake when they pass.


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