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Day 3 - Pacific Crossing - 20 April

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Longtitude:         04° 18 S

Latitude:         94° 23 W

Course over ground:     260° 

Speed:         7 knots 

Time: 1pm (Local Galapagos)

2,670 miles to go! 

Friday: Dawn rising over the Pacific Ocean, on my watch, was a magnificent sight. The crew was all fast asleep, and I hit my own sweet spot, having a cup of tea and a bit of time to myself to catch up with emails. 

The wind had picked up around 3am and we started to make real progress, flying along, up to 9-10 knots at point. We have hit the “sweet spot” of fair seas and following winds, with current pushing us along for good measure. Skipper is over the moon! We are on an angle slightly to the north of the other boats, primarily to make the most of the greater wind and calmer seas - rollers around 1-1.5m - while we can, but also because we are struggling to get south, currently 80° to the apparent, which is the most we want to do with our gennaker foresail (we’ve learned that her favourite angle is around 90°). Still, unless we go below 5° we run a risk of getting caught in the doldrums again.

Isabelle’s English assignment today was on the classic poem “When Daddy Fell into the Pond”, which she and Catherine then proceeded to learn off by heart and perform together to many giggles… Daddy falling into the Ocean would not be such a laughing matter!

A bit disheartening to find our three melons had rotted overnight, and we had to lob them overboard, but then Neptune graced us with a catch of the day, as though quid pro quo. Still, it was just as we had eaten our fill of Xav’s signature beef stir-fry, so we topped and tailed it and popped it in the fridge. 

For movie night, I had almost persuaded the kids that what they really wanted to watch on a Friday night was a Zeferelli biopic of Francis of Assisi, when they caught sight of a sing-a-long Bugsy Malone. Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous. As the film ended with Jodie Foster as Talullah covered in custard pies saying “That's showbusiness for you folks!" Catherine sighed and said "I wish *I* could have bee in that film, Mum!” Don’t know where she gets it from…



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