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Day 5 - Pacific Crossing - 23 April

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Longtitude:         5° 28 S

Latitude:         99° 19 W

Course over ground:     260° 

Speed over ground:     9 knots 

True wind speed:     15 knots

Time: 7 am (Local Galapagos)

2,300 miles to go!


Sunday. As you can see, we really are racing along. As we moved south after an evening of showers and small squalls - nothing strong enough to prompt us to take the gennaker in - at about 1am the wind really picked up and we've taken off!

I reckon the elements are punishing us for the Skipper gloating yesterday about our fine weather to all the other boats further south of us, so we’ve had rain on and off all night, with winds happily changing from 8 to 16 knots and from SE to as much as ENE at one point. Dozing in the cockpit on night watch, every so often there would be a Moana moment (as I call them) as the sea, with a life of its own, would spray us in the face! The sea state is more choppy, making for a bit of a rolly passage, so thank heavens we all have our sea-legs well and truly established. It's like being in one of those virtual reality spaceships that move around. Well, a bit gentler!

We’re going at a good pace, along the rhumb line, following the axiom that the shortest distance between two points is indeed a straight line. Except we’re of course on a sphere, and so a curve and… Oh well, I’m sure we’ll get there in the end!

As I came into the galley to make the morning tea (for me) and coffee (for Xav), I found our  brown morph red-footed booby is back! (see post on A Great Pair of Boobies - click here) Yes, sure it's the same one that accompanied us to the Galapagos, obviously! As I opened the window to take a picture he looked directly at me, not remotely phased. A young one, as Catherine has just pointed out, because it's feet are more pinkish than the full-bodied scarlet of an adult, and the head and belly still has that soft down. I didn’t realise until later when PELIZENO’s Lisa emailed me, that they are actually rarer than their more distinctive white, blue-footed counterparts. I am determined to see this as a good omen!

Sunday was our rest day. No home ed unless you count watching Zeferlli's "Brother Sun and Sister Moon”, the biopic of Francis of Assisi, as part of the children’s religious studies. I can definitely see a crossover between Zeferelli's Romeo & Juliet in the dynamic, youth & beauty of Francis and Clare, and the hippy soundtrack, setting Franciscan prayers to Donovan’s music the whole way through, reminded me of the Our Father set to Simon and Garfunkel in the Church of St Francis in Santa Cruz! (see post on St Francis in the Galápagos - click here)

Treasure Island later, at bedtime, continues to enthral us all as the plot thickens. Apparently RLS wrote the story for his nephew when they were on a journey together, and every time a twist fell flat, he would scrap it and revise the fork in the turning. We've just met Ben Gunn, who has been marooned on the treasure-laden island by Long John Silver for the past 3 years. Francis was unimpressed. "Frankly Mum, compared with Robinson Crusoe's 23 years he's a bit of a lightweight isn't he?!”

The wind is becoming more and more easterly now and our lack of a big symmetrical spinnaker will likely make itself felt over the next few days. Still, for now, La Cigale is in the groove. We won’t quite make 200 nautical miles in a day, but not far off hopefully.


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